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    24/7 Care with Compassion

    Compassionate Care

    Our patients are our priority. We provide personalized attention and emotional support throughout their journey.

    Clinical Excellence

    Our team of experienced doctors and specialists leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver the highest quality medical treatment.

    Open Communication

    We believe in clear and honest communication. You'll be informed and involved in every step of your healthcare journey.

    Accessible Healthcare

    We strive to make healthcare affordable and accessible to everyone. We offer various payment options and insurance partnerships.

    Comfort and Convenience

    We understand that hospitalization can be stressful. We provide a clean, comfortable environment and convenient amenities to ease your stay.

    Community Concern

    With a commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of all strata of society, we have extensive outreach programs, healthcare initiatives, and preventive care services



    At BMS Multi-Speciality Hospital, our seasoned physicians possess decades of experience, some exceeding 30 years in their fields.


    Very good and well-maintained hospital. All the staff members are friendly. The dialysis unit is well maintained and the technicians are professionals and help a lot. All the medicines and medications are reasonable and I hope they provide the same in the future.

    Mr. Koushik
    The hospital is very neat and clean... Well maintained, the ambiance is the best and has got its own super healing power..all charges and costs are reasonable.. special mention to the staff who does insurance processing very quickly and effectively..Overall hospital staff are cooperative and well behaved.
    Mr. Suhas Yadav

    I consulted to the OPD for Gastroenterology.. Service was so good and supportive. The way of treating the patient is best had a Good opinion about BMS Hospital and staff. Maintenance and cleanliness is also Excellent. Overall i say that it's good.

    Mr. Gopi
    Great caretaking by the doctors. Good service by the entire staff and supporting staff. Insurance help desk is very cooperative and quick in service.. Overall very clean and good hospital.
    Mr. Arunachala Shastry
    The hospital vibe was like a homely feel, I thank every staff member as well as the maintenance staff. Thank you for all your care and love throughout our time in the hospital.
    Siri Hebbar



    Latest up-to-date information from our public relation department.


    At BMS Hospital, we believe healthcare is a right, not a privilege. That’s why we offer high-quality care with unwavering expertise, delivered with a compassionate human touch.

    Skilled doctors and cutting-edge technology come together to diagnose and treat with precision, while our dedicated staff ensures you feel understood and supported every step of the way.

    We understand that illness can be a burden, so we commit to transparent pricing and affordability initiatives. Your well-being shouldn’t be weighed down by financial anxieties.

    Beyond individual patients, BMS extends a helping hand to the community. Through outreach programs, we promote preventative care and reach out to underserved areas, striving to build a healthier future for all.


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